A fitting or adapter used in pipe systems for connecting straight sections of pipe or tube, adapted to various shapes or sizes, and for other purposes such as regulating fluid flow. The terms male and female always refer to the threads on the fitting. The male threads are on the outside like a bolt. The female threads (female fittings) are on the inside like a nut. Male threads screw into female threads.

Female fittings

Types of  fittings and their purposes:

All the specific varieties of a pipe or a tube want their personal fashion of fitting, however maximum regular functions are utilized by all pipe fittings. Pipe assemblies are to be had anywhere plumbing components are offered. Fittings are typically applied for a lot of precise packages with inside the hydraulic and plumbing operations. Several diverse kinds of fittings are to be had, constructed from a variety of materials. Elbows, tees, wyes, frames, couplings, ties, friction fittings, covers, connectors, and valves are a number of the maximum not unusual place types.


These pipe attachments are wont to alter flow direction. Despite their strong demand in plumbing they’re mainly accessible in two regular forms these as 90 and 45 degree angles. Variations within the elbow reducer often occur for when the related piping diameters are specific. Elbow fittings are often produced from various materials, and therefore the majority are female.



Connections are associated with pipes, both of which increase the time at their connections or if the pipes do not have a suitable end now. These pipe fittings allow both male or female to twist at the ends of the pipe as needed. It creates an information that is not like pipes without wanting a complex structure. These are mostly used for pipes made of PVC and copper.



A coupling is a pipe overlaying used to keep away from leakage Couplings in pipes which are break up or damaged. The linking holes could be near in a diameter. Two forms of couplings utilized in plumbing are normal coupling and slip-coupling. Use rubber seals or gaskets on each facet the same old sealing is located among the 2 pipes to keep away from any leakage. The slip coupling additionally calls for pipes to restore the lengthy pipes which have been destroyed.



In terms of functions, this shape of pipe becoming is nearly union to coupling, however simplest with a distinction, i.e. a union may be without difficulty eliminated on every occasion the coupling is unable. To keep away from any type of galvanic corrosion among them, some of dielectric unions are used to attach pipes crafted from unique materials. These pipe fittings encompass threads completed with a nut, female, and male.


These pipe fittings are utilized by elevating the scale of the bigger match to the scale of the smaller pipe to hyperlink pipes of more than one Bushing sizes together. Bushings aren’t continually interior out threaded and take little or no room instead of a union or a coupling used for the identical purpose.


Flange is another pipe fitting that is used for connecting pipes, Flanges engines, valves and other sections to create a full-fledged piping network. They come with the ability to quickly disinfect or check the entire system from the inside.

Cross Type

Cross kind fittings incorporates four commencing in four directions. These are linked while there are four pipes are assembly at a point. These fittings generate greater quantity of pressure on pipe because the temperature changes, due to the fact they’re placed on the middle of 4 connection points. Cross fittings are commonly used for hearth place sprinkler systems.


Ipg gas pipe fittings

Gas regulator sorts encompass an LPG fueloline regulator, acetylene fueloline bottle regulator, oxygen fueloline bottle regulator plus all the fueloline bottle fittings, fueloline bayonet becoming, pol fueloline becoming and fueloline regulator fittings which are the fueloline becoming materials for welding or an LPG fueloline installation. A fueloline regulator reduces the excessive strain from the fueloline bottle to a regular regulator fueloline strain, as required via way of means of the application. Gas regulators are used for all compressed gases and gases liquefied below strain, like LPG fueloline regulators for LPG bottles.

How are pipe fittings measured ?

Pipe fittings are measured via way of means of their diameter, wall thickness (called “schedule”), and form or configuration. (Fittings also are described via way of means of their cloth grade and whether or not they’re welded or seamless.)
Diameter refers to out of doors diameter of a pipe or fitting.
The North American trendy is called Nominal Pipe Size (NPS). The International Standard is called Diameter Nominal (DN). Pipes and fittings are truly made in comparable sizes across the world: they’re simply categorized differently.
From ½ in to twelve inch “Nominal Pipe Size”, out of doors diameters are barely large than indicated size; internal diameters get smaller as schedules grow.
From 14 in and large “Nominal Pipe Size”, out of doors diameters are precisely as indicated size; internal diameters get smaller as schedules grow.


Pipe and pipe fittings move hand-in hand. Just as pipes are used for numerous residential, public and commercial applications, so moreover the pipe fittings. No pipes may be connected with out the usage of right fittings and flanges. Pipe fittings allow pipes to be mounted and connected or joined wherein important and terminated in the proper place.

Pipe fittings encompass a extensive variety of merchandise in diverse shapes, sizes and materials. With fast traits in the area of commercial fittings and non-stop studies paintings on this industry, diverse new merchandise are manufactured. Some fittings have sure unique functions so they may be fabricated on special ideas like hydraulics, pneumatic relying at the quit usage. Fittings encompass a complete variety of merchandise relying on diverse programs wherein they’re applied.

Categories of fittings
Fittings can be grouped in one of the following categories:

  • Fittings that extend or terminate pipe runs
    • Couplings
    • Adapters
    • Caps and Plugs
  • Fittings that change a pipe’s direction
    • Elbows (ells)
  • Fittings that Connect two or more pipes
    • Reducers
    • Bushings
    • Flex couplings
    • Fitting reducers
    • Adapters